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Occupational Health Services

Some professional fields come with more physical needs and requirements than others in order to perform duties safely. At many jobs requiring intensive physical labor, including consistent lifting, driving and other forms of construction, the business or organization has a duty to make sure the position can be done without causing injury or harm to the employee, customers or others surrounding the work area. Making sure your organization offers necessary occupational health services including required physicals, injury treatment and testing is critical to maintaining a productive work environment. AFC Urgent Care New Bedford is proud to work with local companies and businesses to provide necessary occupational health services to employees that follow each position’s unique requirements. Some of these services include:

Occupational Health Services in New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA
Whether you are in the middle of your hiring process or are in need of a physical to retain medical certification, AFC Urgent Care New Bedford will be available to meet your needs. With an on-site lab, most tests can be performed and processed for the fastest results, often before the end of your appointment. Physical results will also be processed quickly in order to expedite your hiring process or recertification. For more information about our walk-in services, please call 508-990-1900