COVID vaccine appointments are currently unavailable.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts

Currently, in Massachusetts, state and local regulations have made specific eligibility lists due to limited vaccine supplies. There are many health centers across the state that are distributing the vaccine to these specific residents. Using the resources provided by, patients will be able to find the center closest to them that is distributing the vaccine

All centers are different when it comes to scheduling and distributing the vaccine, so be sure to read the proper steps before visiting any center. At AFC Urgent Care New Bedford, we are dedicated to the safety of those within our community. That is why we want all patients to be ready when it comes time for their appointment.

Who is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

As of February 18th, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has extended the eligibility to Phase 2 (Groups 1 & 2). This includes residents over 65 and those with two or more serious medical conditions. To verify your eligibility, please use the Eligibility Checker provided by As more residents become vaccinated, more and more groups become eligible. Refer back to this phase information as the schedule progresses. 

In the meantime, AFC Urgent Care New Bedford is still open and available for all urgent care services. This includes any illness treatment, injuries, or COVID testing. 

How do I make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine?

As stated previously, all health centers are conducting appointments differently. Please refer to their specific regulations when scheduling appointments. With AFC Urgent Care New Bedford, eligible patients can schedule their appointments here, or on our homepage. If there are no times listed, please check back again as there are no times available. Please do not call our clinic to schedule an appointment.

There are many centers around the state that are offering vaccines. Please use this resource to check all available appointments and schedule an appointment to get vaccinated as quickly as you are able to. 

AFC Urgent Care New Bedford is here to help

If you are still unsure about the benefits of getting vaccinated, please refer to this detailed vaccine FAQ. Our goal at AFC Urgent Care New Bedford is to help all patients feel healthy and happy with their decision to get vaccinated. We understand how important getting vaccinated is to stop the spread of COVID-19. For more information, please call our center.