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World Health Day

Every cause has a dedicated day of celebration. This special day is usually celebrated with activities that portray the theme and essence of the noble cause. The anniversary may include merry-making, educational conferences, and seminars.

These celebrations may be undertaken by a small group of people sharing a common interest, values, or history to more prominent organizations like the governments of the world’s various countries. One such example is World Health Day.

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year. It is the day marking the anniversary of the first world health assembly held in 1950. It was originally on the 22nd of July but was later changed in 1950 to the 7th of April, which is when the inception of the nongovernmental organization WHO was approved.

The Focus of World Health Day 2021

Every year, WHO chooses a different theme to draw global awareness to health issues and educate the public on health practices and matters depending on the theme selected. The NGO does this through its director-general. 

The theme for the year 2021 is “Building a Fairer and Healthier World for Everyone.” This theme is no surprise as it is only fitting, given the realities of the Covid-19 virus since the end of 2019. Before the pandemic, health inequities existed in different societies, as pointed out by health experts of various fields. The spread of the Covid-19 virus and its attendant consequences worsened the situation.

The theme of this year is a reminder of the need to take into account the existing health inequities and to find ways to ensure a necessary condition for a fairer and healthier world. The focus, therefore, is to note neglected health areas such as the women reproductive health, pediatric concerns in aspects of children health least researched, neurological concerns for the elderly, and many other aspects of neglected health areas that cause health disproportions as they vary from country to country.

COVID-19 Impact

It is undeniable knowledge that the pandemic disrupted the system of things in the world. Although the Covid-19 virus is a communicable disease, its nature is such that people suffering from other diseases were at the risk of death owing to the disruption of health care service. Do your part to stop the spread and get a COVID-19 test today. AFC Urgent Care New Bedford provides COVID testing on a walk-in basis

Also, nursing mothers and pregnant women were at higher health risks owing to lack of medical healthcare and even contracting the Covid-19 virus and its related illnesses.

Experts agree that developing and underdeveloped nations were impacted more than the developed world. However, with the current progress in ensuring that preventive measures are complied with, coupled with educative sessions on the need for individual responsibilities, there is hope for a healthier world post-Covid.


Life may never be the same as we lived before the emergence of the virus. Regardless, we must thrive and continually adapt to the realities of life as we continue to use our human survival instincts.