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Protect Yourself from the Flu by Getting Your Friends Vaccinated

It’s officially the time of year where every time you’re out you know there’s a chance you could come down with an unpleasant illness. From simple head colds to the influenza virus, tis’ the season for the disease to be spread! Some steps can be taken to help protect yourself against the harmful flu virus. One of those steps is commonly overlooked; getting those around you to vaccinate. 
Give Them the Facts
Before your friends vaccinate, you might have to convince them. Lucky for you there’s plenty of interesting facts about the flu shot that you can share to sway their opinion. A few important facts worth nothing include:

  • There’s no risk of the flu shot making you sick
  • The flu shot is 80% effective
  • The flu shot is easy to obtain and paid for by insurance
  • The flu vaccine can be administered through a nasal spray if they’re afraid of needles
  • Anyone over 6 months of age can receive a flu shot. A particular type may be needed for pregnant and elderly people, but vaccination is still possible. 

There are plenty of scientific studies backed with evidence to support these facts if your friend is still unsure. Most of the rumors people hear about the flu shot are outdated and inaccurate for modern medical times. 
Remind them Annually
Now that you’ve convinced them to vaccinate once, you’ll have to remind them every year. Teach them that the flu virus is slightly different each year, which means last years vaccine can’t protect against this year’s flu. At the beginning of fall each year they should get vaccinated. 
Enjoy a Flu-Free Flu Season
Now that you’ve made sure you and all of your closest friends have been vaccinated, it’s time to enjoy a happy and healthy flu season! Don’t forget to practice proper handwashing and hygiene techniques in addition to getting treated. The flu shot may protect against the flu, but the only way to avoid a common cold is to stay germ-free. 
Flu season is already here, so it’s essential you don’t waste any time. Get out there and begin educating your friends today! Most people who are nervous about the flu vaccine just aren’t adequately trained on the topic. We’ve given you the information you need, now it’s your job to spread that to everyone you know!