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Should My Child Get a Flu Shot?

Child flu shot
A lot of parents begin wondering what fall and winter might have in store for their family. If you’re an experienced parent of a child who is a few years old, you might have easily seen how lousy cold and flu season can be for everyone. If your child gets sick, then you know it’s likely everyone in the house is going down with something as well. So, should your child get a flu shot? Most people are going to tell you the same thing: absolutely.

The Facts about the Flu Shot for your Child

The flu shot and vaccines are sometimes given a bad rap. Unfortunately, some people choose to avoid the flu shot thanks to worries of low-grade fever and general soreness. Other than minor side effects, nearly all children who have given a flu shot experience a much higher chance of avoiding sickness and severe flu strains. 

Children Can Take the Flu Shot Two Ways

Children as young as six months can take the flu shot as traditionally administered. The needle-based viral of the flu shot is still the most common, but it’s not the only option. Children who are in excellent health and are two or older can also take a nasal spray version of the viral. It’s a great way to make sure that if a child is naughty with needles that they can still get the protection they need from the intense cold and flu season.

What About the Various Strains of the Flu?

Some worry that a flu shot does not protect from every flu, so why bother? Well, the flu shot is administered with a collection of viral defenses against the most common forms of the flu. Protection against these widely experienced sicknesses allows for people who have the flu shot in their system to stay at the ready all fall and winter long. 

Are Kids More Likely to Get Sick from the Flu Shot?

No, but they can get much sicker from the actual flu than healthy adults. They are at risk, and a flu shot is an excellent defense against this dangerous time.

The Flu Shot is a Great Tool – Utilize it

Flu shots are an essential way to protect your children from the flu and cold season. Likewise, avoiding your children getting sick means you likely avoid getting sick as a result. If you have any questions or concerns about flu shots, please contact us at 508.990.1900