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Dangers of Vaping

Vaping is a trend that’s been on the rise with all ages and demographics. What began as something people thought was a safe alternative to smoking, has now become something people do as a hobby. It may be cool to exhale large vapor clouds that have a fruity scent, but the health dangers inside of that cloud are something you can’t ignore.

Addictive Behavior

Vaping has become the newest supporter of nicotine addiction. The vapes you typically see contain anywhere from 3% to 5% nicotine content. Many young vape users develop their nicotine habit when they begin vaping for fun, even if they weren’t dependent on nicotine before. If you’ve quit smoking and switch the vaping, you’re still feeding an unhealthy nicotine addiction. Vaping introduces nicotine and addictive behavior to children at a very young age. Studies show that teens who vape are more likely to begin drinking use drugs, and smoking actual cigarettes.

Dangerous Chemicals

Since vaping produces vapor rather than smoke, many people assume that means there are no harmful chemicals. That assumption couldn’t possibly be more false! Vaping contains many toxic substances, some that even cigarettes don’t contain. The flavors in a vape often contain a compound called propylene glycol. This is a chemical that’s used to give a more, buttery, smooth taste. It was originally sued in the making of microwave popcorn. The compound is so dangerous that it causes a disease known as “popcorn lung.” The secondhand smoke from a vape isn’t safe either. In fact, it can lead to a variety of heart and lung conditions. This is the primary reasoning why vaping and e-cigarettes are now banned in most areas where traditional cigarettes are banned. The liquid is known to be poisonous if someone sniffs or drinks it, especially young children. If you’re a vape user, make sure you keep it up and out of the reach of little hands!

They’re Not Regulated

E-cigarettes are not monitored by the FDA. This means that there’s no labeling of all of the ingredients in the product. People assume that vaping is safe, but they don’t even know what the vape liquid contains!
If you’re a vape user, it’s time to consider quitting. Begin by decreasing the nicotine content in the liquid you use and hitting the vape less often. Eventually, you won’t need it at all! If you feel that you’re too dependent on nicotine to stop vaping, ask your doctor how they can help.