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Watch out for the Flu!

Flu season start in September & ends around mid to end of December! AFC Urgent Care New Bedford wants you to protect yourself from the flu this year!  The flu is extremely contagious & is airborne. An airborne virus means you can be infected by particles in the air! So if someone sneezes or coughs next to you, you have a chance of getting infected. Read our tips below to get a fighting chance at dodging the flu this season.

Get a flu shot

Although this seems obvious, the most effective way to combat the flu is to get your flu shot! Around 52% of Americans have admitted to NOT getting their flu shot every year! A common misconception that people have is if you get your flu shot one year you do not have to get it the next year.  The flu is a seasonal virus, which means every year it comes back, it comes back as a different strand. This means the vaccinations that you got last year will not help protect you from the flu this year.

Practice sanitation methods

Even if you have gotten your flu shot you will still be able to get infected if you are not cautious. Ufourutneatley the flu shot is not 100% effective. It is important to follow some daily sanitation methods to help combat the flu. If you commute to work every day be aware of public transportation. Public transportation is full of germs, do not use communal handrails. If you or your child is in school, hand sanitizer is a great thing to use. After lunch or recess always wash down hands before eating or putting them near your mouth or eyes.

Spread the word

The more people around you that have the flu shot, mean the more unlikely you are to get it. We here at AFC Urgent Care Newbedford have flu shots available for you & the whole family. Telling your friends & family these tips will help them & their families as well. Flu season can sometimes affect a family by taking parents out of work & nobody wants that.

We hope our tips will help you get through this flu season!