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5 Safety Tips For School

By this time in the year your child has started school & is still adjusting to the new year. This is a normal process that we all go through when we are put in a new environment. Whether your child is starting school or returning it is never too late to start these safety tips to help during the school year.

1. Have a route to school

If your child is just starting out the school year they are are going to need a route to the bus stop/walking to school etc. AFC Urgent Care Newbedford knows how a parent feels to be away from their child for the first time. A route that the parent makes & reviews with their child will clear the conscious for the parent & the child. If your child is about to start driving to school, show them the way to get to school so they don’t get lost & miss class!

2. Practice sanitation techniques

When the school year starts this means that your child will be surrounded by a lot of other children. This means your child will be exposed to a lot more things than usual. Some back to school sanitation techniques our child could follow are the following:

  • Wash hands after every meal
  • carry around hand sanitizer on a book bag
  • A cough in elbow
  • stay away from kids who look infected

3. Make sure your child has a cell phone

Giving your child a phone is a big responsibility. It will increase their freedom & independence, but will also give you a direct line of contact.  This is the most important factor if an accident or incident happens at school & they need to get in contact with you or vice versa a phone is the most efficient way of contact.

4. Ask about your child’s day

No matter what phase your child is going through, they will always appreciate you being actively involved in their life. Try not to be overbearing or nosey, but just present enough to know if something is going on with your child. While the school year is going on, your child is away from home & you for 8 hours sometimes more! That is more than the majority if the day a lot can go on in that time.

5. Make sure your child isn’t overworked

This may seem like an impossible task sometimes if your child is extremely involved with academics & school. However high-stress levels in school lead to a lot of stress on children. Many complications can come from this including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Vulnerability to sickness
  • risk of panic attacks/anxiety

We hope these tips from us will help make your child’ds transition into school seamless this year!