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Celebrate National Immunization Month with us!

What is national immunization month?

August has been claimed by the AAP as National Immunization Month! Please join us here at AFC Urgent Care in spreading awareness for immunization! Vaccines are among the top 10 biggest breakthroughs in medical history. It is important that we make sure all of our children and loved ones are up to date on immunization.

Why is Immunization important?

As the school year is about to begin & its time to take your kids to the doctors for their checkups, & don’t forget to get them vaccinated! Vaccinations help keep kids safe from deadly diseases that have been around for centuries. Vaccinations use old or dead virus’s & inject them into the body. These viri are harmless to us but our body does not recognize this. Our body then makes antibodies & adapts to killing off whatever was left of the virus injected. We do this so if we ever come in contact with that virus again, our body will already be prepared to protect itself!

Immunization month relates to everyone

Vaccination is not just for kids going back to school. Adukts have gottent the vaccinations children have but there are always new vaccaintions to get especially if you are traveling to another country ot have some health complications. Immunization does not just protect you, it protects all of your family & friends.

How can you help?

The whole point of this campaign is to spread awareness! The please join us in spreading awarness by

  • bringing up this topic at family dinner
  • Calling a friend or telling a friend
  • Educating yourself & teaching others
  • Posting on all forms  of  social media

Dont hesistae! Make it your goal this month to get invlived! If you or anyone you know needs a vaccine bring them down to AFC Urgent care today! Walk-ins are welcome!