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Did You Know May is Urgent Care Awareness Month?

nurseUrgent Care Awareness Month is an initiative created by the Urgent Care Association of America that’s celebrated each May with the purpose of raising awareness regarding the contributions of urgent care centers within their communities. Before urgent care, people would need to go to the ER for sudden injuries and illnesses, that while serious, weren’t necessarily life-threatening. This would result in an entire day spent at the ER. Yet, nowadays, since the introduction of urgent care, families in America have a much more convenient destination for walk-in medical services.

No other urgent care franchise illustrates the benefits of urgent care better than AFC Urgent Care New Bedford. For families in New Bedford, MA, accessing treatment for injuries and illnesses has never been easier. But what ultimately makes our center so incredibly valuable to the local community is our passion for urgent care, ability to get patients in-and-out the door quickly and low-cost of our top-quality services.

What’s Better About Urgent Care Than the ER?

The emergency room is the ideal destination for life-threatening medical conditions. However, we at AFC Urgent Care New Bedford can treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses that, while not necessarily life-threatening, are considered serious enough that they cannot be treated at a retail clinic.

The injuries and illnesses we treat includes:

  • Joint & Back Pain
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Seasonal Allergy  Relief
  • Work & Sports-related Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Influenza
  • Bronchitis

At AFC Urgent Care New Bedford, we accept most health insurances and excel at getting patients in-and-out the door in a timely manner. While you may need to wait 5 hours at the ER, we typically get patients in-and-out the door in under an hour.

What Advantages Does Urgent Care Have Over the Primary Care Physician’s Office?

Primary care physicians serve the community in a valuable way by helping monitor their patients’ health on a regular basis. This can ultimately be life-saving as it can help with early detection of serious illnesses. But for everyday medical services, urgent care centers can be more convenient as we offer walk-in accessibility.

These services include:

  • Flu Shots
  • Travel Vaccine
  • Sports & Camp Physicals
  • Family Care
  • Lab Testing/X-Rays

For more information about our brand of urgent care, visit us at AFC Urgent Care New Bedford or call us at 508.990.1900. We look forward to helping you understand the benefits of urgent care this Urgent Care Awareness Month.