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Not All Urgent Care Center’s are Created Equally

Urgent Care Centers Like AFC Urgent Care New Bedford Are Simply Better

AFC Urgent Care New Bedford's medical teamMany people assume that all urgent care centers are generic, limited, and overall, low-quality. For most urgent care centers, this may be true. However, AFC Urgent Care New Bedford stands above the rest. Our priority isn’t getting patients in-and-out the door as soon as possible; our main objective is providing the communities of New Bedford and Dartmouth, MA with a caring, reliable and affordable option for walk-in medical services.

Your typical urgent care center will see each patient as a paycheck, and often talk down to them or treat them coldly. At AFC Urgent Care New Bedford, our wonderful urgent care staff is dedicated to treating our patients with the care and respect they deserve in an environment that’s welcoming to all.

It is because of our dedication to our patients, low costs, ER-quality services, and accessibility that we have established ourselves as the go-to medical destination for patients in New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA.

Does Your Urgent Care Center Cost Too Much?

Because we accept the vast majority of our popular health insurances, our center is virtually as cost-efficient as visiting your primary care physician. Our costs are typically 1/5 the expense at the emergency room and we even offer affordable self-pay pricing.

Also, thanks to our on-site lab testing, we won’t have to enlist a third-party medical lab that could double or, even triple your expenses – which would be the case at many other urgent care centers.

Are Your Urgent Care Center’s Services Too Limited?

AFC Urgent Care New Bedford is more than just an urgent care center. We offer comprehensive medical services in addition to just sudden injury and illness treatment. Our services include:

We offer many additional services as well, just call us at 508.990.1900 or walk into our center any day of the week.

Does Your Center Make You Wait Hours?

You don’t need to wait hours in order to receive medical care. While some centers strive to get patients in-and-out the door quickly, all the while forsaking their quality. Yet, at AFC Urgent Care New Bedford, we’re staffed with a team of board-certified physicians, x-ray techs, nurses and medical assistants that excel at accommodating patients on a quick and convenient basis, while making sure they receive the highest-quality urgent care possible.

For most services, we get patients in-and-out the door in typically less than one hour. Although the wait differs, feel free to check-in online to skip the wait.

We look forward to being your go-to urgent care center.